Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day Seventy: Closing Time

            I’ve been thinking about this blog all day long.  I wanted a way to wrap this day up, to show what I’ve learned through this experiment and to thank my readers that have stuck with me.  These past couple of weeks have been an uphill battle, but I managed to get through it.  I did another thirty days of writing.  I stuck to my commitment and completed my goal.  In some ways I’m glad that I did it.  It shows me that I can finish what I start, that I can keep to my commitments.  On the other hand, the last couple of weeks were so rough on me I wonder if it was worth sticking to it so solidly.  Would it have been better to call it and say hey this just isn’t working out for me or was it better to have hung in there and finished it out?  There’s no way for me to answer those questions, but I do know that thinking about being finished with this experiment brings me a lot of relief.  Relief to me, is a sign that you are moving in the right direction.  I am grateful for those of you who stuck it out with me, if there are any of you left, lol.  I’m also grateful that I did follow through with these past thirty days, as long and arduous as they became.  So now it’s time to move onto something new.  Don’t know what that might be at the moment but time will tell.  Take a little break and then take a breath and move forward.  Good luck to all of you in all your ventures and thank you again for your support.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day Sixty-Nine: Complicated

            I might have used this title already, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.  I also probably used it to talk about a person I call Tom-Tom.  Tom-Tom likes to make things difficult (read complicated), he excels at it.  When Tom-Tom appears note in hand I know that I’m about to waste thirty minutes doing something that should really only take me five.  I’ve learned when I see Tom-Tom coming to laugh, because otherwise I would be overwhelmed with the urge to punch him in the face.  I’m not sure what the lesson is here, maybe to learn how to resist the urge to punch someone (so far it’s working), but I hope there’s more to it than that.  And yes I named him Tom-Tom after those creatures in Star Wars, the one that Han Solo cuts open to keep Luke from freezing.  I also know I probably spelled it wrong.  I’m not overly concerned with it, you get the jist.  It always makes me smile thinking about that scene, knowing that if I’m ever stranded and freezing to death and I just happen to have Tom-Tom with me, at least I can cut him open and use him for warm.  A little twisted I suppose, but it makes me giggle inside. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day Sixty-Eight: So Close

            Today was a bit crazy towards the end of the work day, but we got through it.  I have no idea what my two bosses were doing when I left, but I do know I get the feeling that someone in the lab is thinking about quitting.  I don’t know why I get that feeling I just do.  It was pretty strong today.  Every day I come up against something new in my job and I have a feeling it’s going to be like that for the duration of my employment at the lab.  I love my job.  I don’t know too many people that can say that, but I truly enjoy the work I do.  I wish that the evening work was stretched out a bit, but it’s okay.  The title of this blog has nothing to do with my work environment and everything to do with this blog nearing completion.  I’ve been so focused on my novel lately that it takes precedence over most everything else.  I have to say that this tool of blogging worked great in getting me to write every day, because now I am.  We’ve almost come to the end of this blog and it’s been an excellent learning experience.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day Sixty-Seven: In the Flow Again

            Today I let myself do whatever I felt like doing and what I felt like doing was writing.  I felt excited and giddy though I have no idea why. Nothing was different today than any other Monday.  I had planned on editing my manuscript today or at least the ten pages I have been working diligently to polish.  I pulled it out and stared at it for a minute or two and then put it back.  I think sometimes you need to let the writing rest and today was that day.  I worked most of the day yesterday putting the piece together, so it makes sense that it needs a minute.  I did feel like writing so I put in my flash drive and started typing.  I have eight pages typed today, six of which are completely new material.  I’m glad I took the time to do what I needed and wanted to do instead of forcing the editing.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day Sixty-Six: When You Reach the End

            How do you know when something is over?  When you watch television or a movie the ending is pretty clear.  The lights come up or the credits come on and you know that the experience is over.  Sometimes it can continue a while longer if you decided to discuss it with someone or more than one someone.  You can even hold onto the experience too long, rehashing every detail until no one wants to listen any more.  The trick is learning to let a thing go before you that that point.  Learning to see something as an experience, thanking it for what it was and then letting it go.  I think when you feel a sense of relief you know you’ve reached the end.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day Sixty-Five: Quality

            Well I have to admit that the quality of these blogs have gone downhill.  The whole point of doing the daily blog was to get myself writing a little each day.  Now, I’m writing every day.  I’m finally getting writing in each and every day so I’ve lost my need for this blog.  I don’t need my writing tool any more, but I made a commitment to myself to write for another thirty days.  True, I only have five left, but I was talking with my husband tonight and I said that I was sad about the quality of my blogs.  I don’t just want to post drivel.  I wanted my posts to be self-exploration and creative.  I know I’m ready to take a break from doing the daily blog and I will once this second set of thirty days is over.  Maybe I’ll miss it and come back to it.  For now, I just hope that I can keep the quality of my blogs in mind and not worry so much about the quantity. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day Sixty-Four: Time to Rest

      It's been a long week for me and I'm ready for some fun.  I could also use a good long rest.  I feel like I've been going and going this week.  While I feel like I have a lot accomplished I can tell that it's time to sit down and do nothing for a minute.  Doing nothing is not easy for me.  I feel like it I'm not doing anything I'm being lazy, since there's always something that needs to be done.  I might feel lazy but I plan on doing nothing this weekend except hang out with my friends, eat good food, have great conversations, and work on my novel.  Sounds like the perfect weekend to me.  Oh, and I think I'll call it an early night.  I could use some sweet dreams.